Pedja in English

Pedja Bajović is an OK guy. The fact that he is writing about himself in the third person here… is not very helpful for you to believe that he really is an ‘OK guy’… aaand I’m gonna stop doing that now!

So, I’m a somewhat proud owner of a long-lasting and eventually cured professional identity crisis. In my four plus decades of life, I was the guy who was an air force cadet, a journalist, a radio host, a humanitarian and a public officer, an activist, an interpreter, a manager and more… and it all led to the final outcome of becoming a producer and a stand-up comedian.

It has lasted since 2005 and is still rolling. One review stated: “His Master’s Degree in Communications from Ohio University makes him show off more than necessary. Nevertheless, people manage to survive this display of innocent bragging. What is less innocent is Pedja himself. The proof he did “it” at least twice in his lifetime are two beautiful daughters brought to him by his wife, a true pillar of the house. Otherwise they would live in a tent, and a leaky one for that matter”. Many thanks to the author! I wonder who that one might be…

In the meantime, I’ve had my performances in more than 25 countries, both in the Balkans and overseas. I’m the first stand-up comedian from this part of the world to participate in the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition 2012 and later on at the equally sexy Funniest Person in the World Competition 2016. Did I make it far? Are you kidding?! You must be a comedian yourself! No? Then do not joke about it! I’m a bit touchy on that subject…

Eventually I became the first stand-up comedian from this region to produce his own comedy special in English, and it is titled The Balkan Brain. Go figure! So, in producing stuff I tend to be the first in this part of the world: a first ever DVD edition – a box edition for that matter! (2011), first cross-border comedy tour (2012), first national tour in Croatia (2009) and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2012) etc… Yeah, it’s better to be right than first, but let me tell you – this guy was the first!

As for my comedy style, another review had put me somewhere between Jack Dee and Louis C.K. (style, not quality!) and continued : “Although his eyes (eyeglasses included) are a constant observational tool and his index finger is always ready to point, he somehow constantly returns to his favorite subject – himself.  He tends to be a dry one, but is working on more expressive ways, such as dancing on stage.” Apparently ladies dig it!

Montenegrin born, Serbian raised, I have spent most of my adult life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and am now a citizen of Croatia; in a nutshell – a Yugoslav. The Mohicans are long gone, we are next!

So, I am one of the founders of the Croatian and Bosnian stand-up comedy scenes and a strong participant in the development of the regional scene, which covers the whole of former Yugoslavia, where all nations now either speak or at least understand the same language, even though it now has four different names.

My production is titled Komedija s nogu (which is for sure the clumsiest translation of the English term ‘stand-up comedy’, but we had to name it somehow!) is now more focused on video production. Nevertheless this former club occasionally offers comedy nights in local language(s) and it also welcomes  visiting international names in comedy.

Toldya, Pedja is an OK guy!

P.S.  The local language version ‘About Me’ is not nearly as sexy. I mean, these people actually know me around here!

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